Home Control,
Awareness & Security,
All In One Place

Control your home like never before, all in one place. Lights, Temperature Control, Locks, Security, all backed by 24/7 Emergency Response if you need it.

At Helm Smart Home, we always put our customers first. When we started, we set out to redefine the home experience with better control of your property, smarter protection of what you value most, and an unwavering dedication to your privacy and security.

Let's get started with a solution designed just for you.

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What We Do

Helm Smart Home provides you with an easy to set up, simple to use, all-in-one and affordable smart home solution. Our systems help you have more control, better protection, save money and live better.

Our Offering Includes:

  • Smart Home Control & 24/7 Emergency Dispatch
  • Streamlined Vacation Rental Solutions
  • A Single App Experience. All your smart devices in a single place
  • Easy to setup products with Professionally Licensed Installers, if needed
  • Real Customer Service based in the US if you have questions
About Helm Smart Home

Why We Do It

We started Helm Smart Home with our customers’ happiness as the primary goal. Today’s smart home world is frustrating and confusing; devices that don’t talk to each other, multiple apps, and competitors selling data points of every door opening and closing to advertisers.

You should feel good about your home and property, not fret about it. Enjoy those late-night movies, without worrying about whether or not your doors are locked. Celebrate all those special occasions, without worrying about a high power bill. Enjoy that family vacation, without the worry of forgetting the keys to your beach house and getting locked out.

That's why we do it. Enjoy the moments that bring joy to your everyday life. Let us worry about everything else.

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What Makes Helm Smart Home Different

Every one of our customers enjoys differentiating features compared to what’s available in the market, including:

  • Dedicated & Fast Cellular (LTE) Connection, with Wi-Fi used if needed
  • Data Privacy - your activity data is never sold
  • Data Security - all our products use a minimum AES 128-Bit Encryption
  • A service powered by Alarm.com, trusted by over 7 million worldwide
  • Constantly improving services with new features delivered proactively
  • Voice Control - works with Google Home®, Amazon Alexa® and Apple’s Siri®.