With your new Helm Smart Home, each of our monthly plans comes standard with all the essentials and scales based on the equipment you have set up throughout your home

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Control your home from the Mobile App, Tablet, Apple Watch or Computer, wherever you may be.

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Each system comes with a dedicated 4G LTE cellular connection that includes Wi-Fi Dual-Pathing so you're always covered.

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Whether it be a burglary, fire, flood, or gas leak, our team will coordinate directly with emergency services.

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Secure Plan

Our Secure Plan includes a wide variety of equipment like Door/Window Sensors for intrusion protection, Smoke Detectors for life safety, and Water Sensors for environmental awareness.

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Total Control Plan

Take total control. Includes smarter security for life safety and break-ins like door sensors, smoke detectors and flood sensors. As well, it includes home automation and energy management products like Light Bulbs, Door Locks, Thermostats and Smart Plug-In Modules.

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Smart Home Plan

Our Smart Home Plan includes everything. Smarter Video, Smarter Automation, and Smarter Security. Include up to 4 Cameras and upload as many 3,000 clips a month along with all of our home automation and security products, all for the same monthly price.